March 2019 Issue Available Now

The March 2019 Issue of Coochie Island News is available online now! See link below. The printed newspaper will be distributed during Friday 8th March to our usual outlets!  See below for a list of outlets. If you arrive before the paper does please be patient with us – we have a growing list of outlets – we’ll be delivering on Coochie on Friday morning then delivering to mainland outlets during the rest of the day.

Thank you to our generous sponsor Bay Island Transport and our wonderful advertisers for together making publication of this issue possible! Please support our sponsor and the businesses advertising in this issue and let them know when you contact them you saw them in the Coochie Island News! They want to know, and their support is important for Coochie Island News to continue.

Download your copy of the Coochie Island News – March issue here:

Coochie Island News March 2019 – Online

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If you prefer reading your news in hard copy, you can find Coochie Island News at:-

Coochiemudlo Island Outlets

  • Curlew Cafe, Coochiemudlo Island
  • Oasis on Coochiemudlo, Coochiemudlo Island
  • Red Rock Cafe, Coochiemudlo Island
  • Seminara Apartments, Coochiemudlo Island

Brisbane Outlets

  • Lucky Charm Newsagency, Victoria Point
  • Town Centre News Newsagency, Victoria Point
  • Victoria Point News, Pelican’s Nest, Victoria Point
  • Victoria Point Kiosk Rock n Roll Cafe
  • Expresso Bar Cafe, Victoria Point
  • Pasta Al Dente, Capalaba
  • The Vintage Apron, Capalaba
  • Coffee Club Cafe, Capalaba Park
  • Folio Books – Brisbane CBD

Be quick! This paper is popular!

April Issue Deadline 15 March 2019

For enquiries about contributing or advertising in the April issue please email or phone 0407 664 159. Or you can use this contact form.

The deadline is 15 March 2019 for inclusion in the April issue. Please have your ad copy and images prepared and sent to smallislandstories@gmail by that date.

Any questions, just ask! Thanks for your support!

Weekend – Small Island Style

Barefoot I wander along a familiar crescent of sand. There’s noone else around. The air is warm, the waves lapping calmly on this windless day and above is our wide blue Australian sky.

I lay my striped beach towel under a tree providing dappled shade, and line my towel up so my head will be in the shade and my body in the warm Queensland sun. As I read, an eagle hovers above the tree and wafts off again, spreadeagled in the blue.

I lie there listening to the tweets, songs, screeches, choral choruses and mating calls of birds, hearing the subtle crackle and clicks of the little creatures in the mud left by the outgoing tide. I’m always struck by the raw natural beauty of my island as I read by the sea basking in light.

A chorus of kookaburras have started up outside my window as I write this. I am very grateful for this wonderful life.






Join me for my full moon commute

Tonight I crossed the sea after a big day at work and filmed for you my full bodied moon hanging in a black sky over a black sea. Although there is not a lot of light in this video other than the moon, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my evening commute following the moon home.  In this little video you’ll hear me talking to you and the clomp! clomp! of my winter boots (it’s cool here now and it is raining today). I am quite obsessed with my moon. I have never felt so attached to the moon until I lived on this island and it greeted me so surprisingly each month – I don’t know why I can never remember it’s about to be a full moon but it is always a gorgeous surprise when my car comes over a hill towards the bay and there it is hanging there so large and round and other worldly in comparison to our straight long streets, boxy buildings and boxy cars. It glows in its roundness. In its difference. I love to see it hanging bright above the traffic lights and outshining the tall jetty lights that I call industrial sunflowers. As our ferry follows the silver sea to the island I feel blessed.


The Luckiest Island

And one day, coming home to my island after a long day at work, I saw this.

I often go home in wonderment at the beauty of my island.

No matter what has happened during the day, it simply falls away, and there I am, looking at beauty. Breathing it in. Living in it.

This island is under my skin.

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