Join the Friends of Coochie Island News!

Coochie Island News relies on the generosity of its readers to help with running costs. Please consider making a donation.

You can find our GoFundMe Campaign here thanks!

A small contribution from you can make a really big difference to us.

By making a donation of $25 or more on GoFundMe you automatically become a member of Friends of the Coochie Island News.  You’ll get a mention on our website and will be invited to a once-a-year get-together to meet other Friends and contributors and community members featured in our paper.

What do we use the funds for?

The funds raised by GoFundMe are used to purchase publishing insurance and to renew our insurance annually.

We are also seeking funds to enable us to increase our monthly print run to 1000 copies per month (currently 500 copies are printed). This will enable us to place the Coochie Island News in Cleveland newsagents, and to ensure our outlets do not run out of our newspapers. Currently our papers are snapped up and disappear from outlets within about 2 weeks of distribution.

An expanded print run would make a big difference to our island businesses, to community events and advertisers to have more readers including readers on the mainland.

Any donation is gratefully accepted. Thank you!