Our Mission

We are an independent print and online community newspaper based on Coochiemudlo Island, a subtropical island nestled just off Redland Coast, Brisbane.

Our purpose is to highlight the strengths of our community and to publish positive, uplifting and inspiring content that knits our community together. Coochie Island News enables community members, community groups, creative makers and island and Redland Coast businesses to introduce themselves, share their stories, advertise events and the products and services that benefit our community.

Coochie Island News is a great communication tool for off-island businesses to share news with Coochie Islanders and their many visitors who travel through Redland Coast on their way to and from island stays.

Our Values

  • Coochie Island News publishes positive, uplifting and inspiring content that highlights our strengths.
  • Our purpose is to share the joy of living on a small island with a big heart
  • Coochiemudlo Island is a place where community is not just a word but a lifestyle, where random acts of kindness happen everyday, among a natural beauty that we work together to protect.

Our Supporters 

Coochie Island News survives by the goodwill of our community in the form of sponsorship, advertising and donations, and the content that community members provide (news, fishing reports, book reviews, interviews and more).

Advertising and sponsorship enquiries for Coochie Island News are welcome.  See the Advertising Page of this blog for Rate Card or contact Editor/Publisher Rachael Krinks, Phone 0407 664 159, Email smallislandstories@gmail.com.

Thank you to Bay Island Transport for kindly sponsoring Coochie Island News!

Our Content

  • Community news & events
  • ‘On the Hammock’ interviews with island locals
  • ‘The Two of Us – How we Met’ feature column
  • Topical articles & tips on small island living
  • Fishing reports
  • Arts & Culture – Book reviews, Film reviews, ‘Meet the Maker’ artist interviews
  • Local business features and advertising
  • Handy directory of community organisations, local businesses and mainland businesses serving Coochiemudlo Island

Distribution Outlets & Subscriptions

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For outlets where you can pick up your free hard copy of Coochie Island News go to https://smallislandstories.com/distribution/

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